Blending tradition and technology for a more secure world


As businesses, corporations and institutions embark on complete digital transformation, Syngrafii continues to innovate solutions that anticipate trends while increasing efficiencies, reducing the environmental impact of a paper-based society, enabling remote client acquisition, driving revenue and, above all, mitigating risk and keeping consumers safe.

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Syngrafii Inc. was originally founded by renowned author, Margaret Atwood, and Matthew Gibson in 2003 with a mandate to design and build the LongPen™. The company grew from that base and developed a Patent Portfolio consisting of 11 families with over 45 granted and pending applications for Video Signing Room™, iinked Sign™ and LongPen™.

In 2020, Syngrafii rebranded its signing solutions as the iinked™ platform. Today, the iinked platform facilitates the remote execution of forensically defensible signed documents across all sectors globally.

Pioneers in patenting authentic electronic signing solutions

Since its incorporation, Syngrafii has taken the protection of its ideas, systems, methods and computer programs very seriously. Unlike many firms, Syngrafii files and protects everything it offers to its growing list of clients. Patents protect not only our firm, but the users of our service, as they can rely on the exclusive rights to the technology and platforms we offer in the market.

In 2020, Syngrafii released version 2.1 of its software after 11 different upgrades to Version 1.0. Syngrafii is now offering in September of 2021 version 2.8. New product features are added monthly, either drawn from an internal technology map or in response to client needs.

Syngrafii’s remote signing solutions are currently available in English, French and Spanish, with Arabic and Hebrew being introduced this year. 

Syngrafii is actively working with outside partners to lease and/or acquire additional technology to keep its position as the leading video signing company and the provider of next generation e-Signature solutions. 

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