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Syngrafii a hit at Luxembourg Internet Days 2017

Matthew Gibson, Syngrafii President and CEO, along with a strong Toronto contingent that included Eric Strong, VP Business Development, Peter MacMillan, VP Sales, Ravi Dave, VP of Technology and Kevin Carey, Director of European Business Development, flew 6202.41 km with a Syngrafii LongPen™ in tow to be one of the invited Canadian companies at Luxembourg Internet Days on 14 and 15 November 2017 at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

The dust has now settled on our most successful road trip to date.  It is exhausting to take a team from Canada to Luxembourg for a stacked two-day trade show and spend the rest of the week with back-to-back meetings but for us, now that we have have a moment to reflect on the week that we all agree it was both  exhilarating and our many activities are still bearing fruit.

Luxembourg Internet Days is an annual ICT event hosted by the Luxembourg Commercial Internet Exchange (LU-CIX) with various other partners. This year the event drew more than 1,100 attendees, 500+ joining companies, 5 panel discussions, 50 exhibitors with a booth in the Expo area and upwards of 320 business meetings. The 2017 edition was dedicated to digitalisation with a special focus on SMEs & DDoS attacks.

Why was Syngrafii there?

For the first time, a guest country was invited – in this case Canada – which was given terrific visibility during the entire event. This offered a great opportunity for our company to show what our technology can do and the various “Gold Standard” signature services we offer. The star of the show was undoubtedly our Syngrafii LongPen™, with its steady stream of flawless demonstrations during Luxembourg Internet Days and at many of our business meetings. We had talks with many companies, signed deals for business with legal and financial firms and we are looking forward to more transcontinental collaboration in the days and weeks to come.

Eric Strong was one of the speakers on Day 1, and gave a presentation on “Why Signatures on Paper Matter in the Digital World” which led to some excellent discussions throughout the week especially in light of the fact that cyber-attacks were a main topic on the agenda. If the speakers and panel discussions were anything to go by, the only thing these ICT Security experts agree on is that everything digital is hackable leading Syngrafii to believe our signature solutions are more valuable and relevant than others offering a secure gold standard signature capability anywhere, anytime, on any device.

We signed contracts, had countless discussions and introductions and saw interest in our solutions from regtech, fintech, legal, government, insurance and banking potential partners.  Some examples of comments that we heard echoed many times from people who participated in a demonstration were:

  • “A very useful solution in reference to our digitisation project.”
  • “With this we maintain the value of paper through a digital channel.”
  • “We can think of a number of clients for which this solution would be useful.”
  • “Very Impressive!”
  • “A very detailed audit trail.” (upon viewing the Masterfile)

Do we sound excited? Well we are.

The highlight of the event was when Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, came to our stand participating in a personal demonstration. As a lawyer, he joked that he was a little reticent to sign anything at first and eventually used his only first name, but was very impressed when he saw how easily the LongPen produced his signature.

In the Media

We found this article particularly of interest: Luxembourg Internet Days 2017: Cyber Security the largest Threat (and not only because our company was mentioned):

As well as the presentations, panel discussions and seminars there was an exhibition. This year, as an early sign of the CETA agreement bearing fruit, Canada, and particularly the province of Quebec, was present as a partner country, and many firms were represented from well established brands such as Blackberry, to innovative start-ups like Syngrafii, founded by five time Booker Prize nominated Canadian author Margaret Atwood and which provides a simple solution to remote signing and tracking of documents.”

Remember, we are more than just a signature solution.

We are the Gold Standard and offer a connected world in which people, enterprise and government can securely process original documents anytime, anywhere, on any device We offer a unified world that blends the time-honoured tradition, intent and law of paper and a human signature with the speed, efficiency and creative potential of the internet. In addition, as we reiterated many times at Luxembourg Internet Days, our solutions offer you a more secure business environment where an individual’s signature is a universal indication  of their intent.

Enjoy the gallery of photos below (we do), and take a look through our website at our many solutions that can help make your company signings run more smoothly, more efficiently and more securely with a very complete audit trail.

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Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel signing on the LongPen
Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel signing on the LongPen
Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel signing on the LongPen
Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel signing on the LongPen
Canadian Ambassador to Belguim Ambassador Olivier Nicoloff signing on the LongPen