Neuvote Systems integrates Syngrafii iinked Sign into Civik E-Petition Platform

by Syngrafii – December 7, 2022

TORONTO — December 7, 2022 — Neuvote Systems, a leading election management technology provider, has today announced the integration of Syngrafii’s iinked Sign™ compliant e-signing solution into Neuvote’s new Civik online e-petition platform.


Neuvote’s upcoming Civik platform—a community-driven Civic Management Network — is designed to promote civic discourse and voter engagement by combining the best technology solutions together in a simple easy-to-use platform. The partnership with Syngrafii allows Civik users to create and sign digitally compliant e-petitions that representatives can endorse and bring to their respective councils’ attention.


With recent election turnout numbers at all-time lows, Neuvote provides Civik to connect voters and community residents with their governments in between election cycles. 


“Neuvote is pleased to launch this important component of its Civik platform including the deployment of iinked Sign™ technology for inclusion into Neuvote’s Civik Platform e-petition system. People need to be heard more than once every four years and this partnership allows voters to combine their voices together so representatives can clearly see the concerns of their constituents” said Matthew Heuman, CEO of Neuvote.


“The Civik platform is a healthy and constructive way for citizens to find and express a voice throughout the electoral process. The Civik platform’s deployment by local governments will help revitalize community interest in local issues, engage the electorate and facilitate municipal voting,” said Syngrafii’s CEO Matthew Gibson. “We are pleased that iinked Sign can assist by improving the authenticity and legitimacy of e-petitions presented to governments.” 


Neuvote’s Civik platform is running pilot programs in Canada with plans to introduce the platform internationally in 2023.


“Voting is the predominant form of civic participation and engagement but not the only form. Petitions are fundamental to the ways in which both voters can have their voices heard and governments can solicit voter feedback and ideas. But like voting, the way we handle them has been stuck in the past by technology constraints. Our adoption of Syngrafii’s iinked Sign with our combined state-of-the-art technologies bring safe, secure online petitions from the future to the present,” said Neuvote CEO Matthew Heuman.


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Syngrafii has over forty-five granted and pending applications for its next generation of e-Signature iinked Sign™, Video Signing Room™, iinked Seal™, and robotic LongPen®. technologies. The patented Syngrafii VSR™ all-in-one electronic signing solution enables compliant signing, witnessing, notarization, and secure storage of documents in a live integrated video-conferencing session that accommodates multiple document signers. Iinked Sign™ and VSR™ preserve the biometric protection and identity certainty of a traditional signature, mitigate the risk of fraudulent behavior, provide enhanced consumer protection, and support businesses’ increased technology needs for remote collaboration.

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