New Regulations Government Pertaining to “Type to Sign” Issued by the Court Services Division of Ontario

by Syngrafii – June 1, 2022

Ministry of the Attorney General / Court Services Division / updated April 27, 2022


Re: Electronic Signatures and Submissions through Online Filing Portals of Electronic Court Documents


Syngrafii would like to flag a portion of a recent: “Notice to the Public and Legal Profession (and the earlier Notice dated February 24, 2022) that was developed in collaboration with the Offices of the Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice (SCJ) and Ontario Court of Justice (OCJ).


It was developed to standardize electronic filing processes for civil, family and Small Claims Court cases and across court locations throughout the province.


Within the notice there are restrictions on Type to Sign:


Unless judicial direction provides otherwise, a typed name without encryption on court forms which are affidavits, sworn/affirmed documents or consents will not be accepted for electronic filing


Details at:


iinked Sign and Video Signing Room are compliant e-signatures for submission under this new rule.