Syngrafii Co-Founder Margaret Atwood Featured On CBC News

by Syngrafii – March 9, 2021

Syngrafii was pleased that Margaret Atwood — one of our co-founders and co-inventors —was featured in an interview this week on CBC News: The National.

In the interview Ms. Atwood discussed the origins of the LongPen™, a remote signing technology which was originally conceived to provide a tool for authors to sign books for readers unable to attend live book readings. It has evolved into an Executive Suite Tool. That invention is now perceived as a pre-COVID incarnation of the importance of being able to safely execute a signature on documents from a remote location.

Syngrafii has continually built on the vision and innovation that inspired the LongPen™, evolving into a remote signing product suite that has garnered over 45 granted and/or pending patent applications. Our pioneering e-Signature tools that include iinked Paper™, Video Signing Room™ and  LongPen® . These technologies are in use globally by business and enterprise spanning sectors that include legal, banking, accounting, insurance, and automotive etc.

A copy of the interview where the LongPen™ is discussed is available here (LongPen segment at minute 3:02):