Syngrafii Covid-19 Free Trial

by Syngrafii – March 18, 2020

Syngrafii Inc. Covid-19 Free Trial

  Original release here. From: Matthew Gibson, CEO, Syngrafii To: All staff, channel partners, stakeholders, and end-users [for internal and external release] Re: Syngrafii Response to COVID-19 90 Day Free Trial (excluding Video Signing Room “VSR” charges) To limit the impact of the CoviD -19 virus, whole countries and corporations are responding by moving to work-athome/ remote solutions, dramatically modifying work safety environments, permitting and encouraging greater awareness of personal health, without compromises to working productively. The CDC and Public Health Canada have made it very clear that people that are not feeling well should self-isolate at home when possible for two weeks. Unfortunately, a weak link in working from home is the requirement of executives and financial officers to sign internal and external documents. The challenge will be for executives to continue proper governance from home. Syngrafii, with our e-signature and video signing room solutions, offers a mobile financial and corporate compliance tool to allow both management and staff in all sectors to work from home, without sacrificing operational compliance for the sake of meetings and authorizing signatures. As you are considering these operational changes (e.g. telework), we are prepared to offer to support our existing and potential clients’ tools to support your remote management and governance by providing a free trial for 90 days. Syngrafii is offering our signature platform for three-months free to current prospective clients. Existing customers will be allowed to expand the licensing footprint. This is intended to contribute and provide technology that supports the implementation of Health Canada’s self-isolation directives. These recent regulatory statements are also supportive and positive developments for the adoption of VSR:

Support for the use of VSR for insolvency from OSB •

Support for the use of VSR from Law Society of Ontario: •

Our Video Signing Room is also available at a reduced price during this offer period. This part of our platform allows highly Compliant remote Video Meetings and eSignings with clients. Matthew Gibson President & CEO _________ About Syngrafii Syngrafii provides the only eSignature solution that delivers the security of ink and paper globally, with a range of fully compliant solutions. Syngrafii enables companies to immediately execute transactions across digital channels anywhere, anytime. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @Syngrafii. Demos of our products can be arranged for anyone who would like to see this firsthand.