Syngrafii Inc. and Jiway - Integration of electronic signature solutions

by Syngrafii – January 21, 2020

Integration of electronic signature solutions from Canadian firm Syngrafii into the MozaIK software platform of Luxembourg's Jiway

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Jiway and Syngrafii

With their agreement, the Luxembourg and Canadian based software firms believe they can challenge the current providers for electronic signatures. In concrete terms, the agreement concerns the integration of the automatic document generation functionalities of MozaIK with Syngrafii's complete video conferencing signature technologies. This integrated, the collaborative platform allows users to transact transparently. This means: legally sign and authenticate documents through specific workflows. And, ultimately, significantly reduce execution time and associated costs. Clearly, the market demand exists. Many companies are now looking for tools capable of grouping their documents, data, authentication parameters and automatically processing the entire workflow cycle from a single user interface.

MozalK, multiplatform, multi-applications and multimedia

With the MozaIK content management platform, Jiway allows, through a wide range of functionalities, to optimize the entire document chain. And from the automatic generation of a document to the signature by the different parties and to automatic archiving. The key is an easier exchange of information. Which will positively impact customer relations. The solution is designed to be fully compatible with all kinds of information systems. It is multi-platform, multi-application, multimedia. In addition, it offers all the flexibility necessary for all users, whatever their profile. Originally dedicated mainly to the banking sector, MozaIK was designed in compliance with compliance and confidentiality rules. Jiway intends to respond in particular to all regulatory requirements related to user activity. The solution also facilitates the work of the professional by providing reminders, notifications and alerts, useful for example in the event of surveillance of suspected fraudulent or illegal activities.  

Syngrafii, the advantage of face to face contact

With its video conferencing and electronic signature solutions, Syngrafii offers to process documents immediately, sign them and manage all transactions in a connected world, anywhere, anytime and securely. Syngrafii ensures non-repudiation of signed documents, even with a single-use signature. Indeed, video conferencing allows facial recognition of the individual. Thus, the platform creates a secure environment where instant authentication of the signatory undeniably becomes a universal guarantee of his intention.  

Improve productivity

"The integration of an electronic signature tool into our document solution was an essential step in order to be able to offer our customers the implementation of complex workflows," comments Luc Charlier, Managing Partner - Executive Director, Jiway. “We already offered LuxTrust solutions, in particular to our European customers. We can now offer them an alternative - especially to our foreign North American customers.” The integration of Syngrafii e-Signatures into Jiway workflows allows clients - often professionals - to be able to ensure non-repudiation of documents. They can also provide their own customers and counterparties with simplicity of operations. "The entire flow will be executed in just a few seconds on a single platform," notes Matthew Gibson, President & CEO, Syngrafii. “This radically challenges the organization of its activities. And most importantly, it improves productivity, while ensuring operational compliance.”  

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