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Video Banking Document Execution: Syngrafii & SACU Collaborate with Remote Signature Capture in Real Time

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Syngrafii & San Antonio Credit Union (SACU) Collaborate on Remote Document Execution


TORONTO – Syngrafii Inc. – June 6, 2016 – Syngrafii Inc. and San Antonio Credit Union (SACU) have begun a business relationship that includes integrating Syngrafii’s patented LongPen™ eSignature “Wet” solution into SACU’s new pilot branch project. This collaboration will result in greater convenience for SACU members and operational efficiencies for the credit union, while maintaining existing document workflow and compliance requirements.




  • SACU & Syngrafii’s business partnership integrates Syngrafii LongPen™ Signature Solutions into SACU’s pilot branch project to enable remote wet ink document execution.
  • Syngrafii’s LongPen™ enables SACU’s subject matter experts to meet and collaborate with their members via video conferencing and immediately execute a biometrically accurate one-time use signature remotely onto hard copy documents, thereby significantly improving transaction timelines.
  • Syngrafii’s LongPen™ will be integrated into SACU’s operational workflow, enabling staff to utilize existing hard copy documents. Staff members will be able to present the documents to their members via video teleconferencing and members will be able to immediately execute signatures on those documents remotely. This feature expands SACU member’s service offerings and provides greater convenience.
  • The Syngrafii Signature Solution does not require any wholesale document workflow changes, allowing SACU to use ALL existing approved documents and forms. This reduces process change risk, saves time and money on the integration of Syngrafii services. These time savings and increased document management efficiency deliver on additional operational margins.


Supporting Quotes:

Michael Brouillet, Business Solutions Architect

“We appreciate how the LongPen allows us to accomplish digital ‘wet’ signatures remotely. This improves our member’s experience and delivers on our commitment to sensible innovation. We envision our members being able to leverage expertise that exists at our headquarters and finalize transactions from remote locations with this technology. I believe this will positively impact our customer’s experience and allow for significant innovation within our business units. This goes to the heart of increasing process efficiency and continuous improvement.”

Sharon Spring, Sr. Vice President, Avant-Garde Initiative

“This technology enhances member convenience while providing operational efficiency. Being able to complete a transaction remotely allows greater flexibility and satisfaction for our members. We will continue to explore additional uses for this technology.”


About San Antonio Credit Union (SACU) 

Chartered in 1935, San Antonio Credit Union (SACU) is a $2.8 billion credit union serving more than 250,000 members in 43 states across the United States. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, the not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative offers competitive products and services from 16 locations locally, one regionally in Houston and nationally through its manufactured home lending division, CU Factory Built Lending. For more information, visit


About Syngrafii

Syngrafii provides the proprietary option of executing original biometric ink signatures onto hard copy or electronic documents when and where you want.  Syngrafii delivers original one time use wet signatures in both LongPen™ & Digital Paper™ along with a detailed audit history for security, compliance and


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