The Art of Connecting Virtually with Syngrafii

by Syngrafii – March 26, 2015

The Art of Connecting Virtually with Syngrafii

London – Singapore – Sydney
Fanado powered by Syngrafii Delivers a Human Touch. – March 4th, 2015.   

Fanado, powered by Syngrafii Inc. was pleased to be involved with a Global Multi-National Corporation to provide our signature capture application to create personalized, physically signed memorabilia for participants attending this event.

  Syngrafii signing technology was utilized to deliver wet ink signatures during an international event “The Art of Connecting” which was co-sponsored by two major Global Multi-National Corporations.   The event was hosted in Singapore and was designed to bring together business leaders from around the world to share best practices and leading concepts in technology and innovation. Video conferencing technology was used to link Singapore, Sydney Australia & London England to discuss how technology and innovation is changing the world of business and sport.   Syngrafii’s signature capture technology was requested to highlight “The Art of Connecting”. The LongPen™ - the World’s only solution that can remotely execute real signatures in real time – was used by the Rugby - Legends of Sport to sign autographs for attendees.   Technology was subtly woven into all aspects of the event to allow for audience interactivity, increased engagement & to exhibit these capabilities to the customers. By using technology, each location was able to see (via video) & interact with one another (via Twitter) & have memorabilia personalized live (via Syngrafii). It demonstrated how creative use of technology can deliver a stunning event.   For further information, please contact: Matthew Gibson, President or for sales inquiries:   About Fanado™  Connecting Fans and Celebrities Online - Live 1:1 Video Interactions & Original Autographs: Fanado™ is an online event platform that allows celebrities to personally interact face to face via HD video and deliver one-of-a-kind signed mementos to their fans instantly - any time, from anywhere. Fanado™ is a digital content generator that creates memorable & lasting experiences for followers of entertainers, artists and sports celebrities. It feeds unique digital content to online social networks. Fanado is an industry leader in one of the last remaining niches in the digital content experience — live online appearances featuring recorded video interactions and personalized signings on both digital and physical products.   About Syngrafii Inc.  Execute Wet Ink on Paper & Digital Documents: Syngrafii is the only eSignature company in the world that brings the security & case law associated with the execution of paper documents into the fast lane of the Digital Age.  It is also the only eSignature company worldwide that provides the proprietary option of executing original biometric ink signatures onto hard copy or electronic documents when & where you want. Syngrafii provides a choice of workflow, document platform & the systems you want to enable with eSignatures. Syngrafii delivers original one time use wet signatures in both LongPen™ and Digital Paper™ solutions. Our MasterFile metadata captures a detailed audit history for Security, Compliance & Non-Repudiation.   ###