Video Notary Room™ Pilot to be Released

by Syngrafii – December 22, 2022

December 22, 2022 — Syngrafii is pleased to announce Substantial Feature and Functionality enhancements to the iinked Sign™ platform – the Video Notary Room™ (VNR™) launching Q1 2023.


VNR™ is a Dedicated iinked Platform for Notaries that will enable compliant Remote Online Notarizations (RON) in the United States.


VNR™ will initially Pilot in the State of Texas and will expand as it obtains approvals from the Secretary of State to operate the iinked Sign™ platform as a RON across additional States.


Syngrafii ‘s VNR™ will Feature full Dynamic KBA and ID Verification fully integrated into the iinked platform from two global providers with others scheduled for integration throughout 2023. Digital Certificates can also be added to documents.


Syngrafii and RON University have entered a training partnership to support both parties’ desire to be best in class for RON notarizations. 


Pricing and access protocol will be made available in Q1 after the Pilot is completed.


To register commercial interest or to learn more, please contact:


The Syngrafii Team looks forward to deploying its video signing expertise and intellectual property in the United States notarization market.  The platform will be operated by iinked Notary Limited.