Signature Use Cases


While Syngrafii easily enables any business to transition from inefficient and expensive paper-based processes, the following use cases outline several instances where the Syngrafii Signing solutions have been deployed to overcome a specific business hurdle.

Corporate Business

Problem: Any business with signature needs will require documents to be signed in a timely, compliant and highly secure manner. In most cases, some documents can be signed electronically, while some must be signed with a wet ink signature; for example, high value items, cheques, employment and legal documents.

Solution: Syngrafii’s overarching remote signature solutions enable businesses to select their signature requirements and workflows from simple (Type to Sign or Click to Sign) to complex e-signatures up to and including Ink signatures in electronic documents using the eSIGNATURE™ application. For physical paper based documents, Syngrafii provides Wet Ink signatures remotely using the Syngrafii LongPen™. The tradition surrounding the act of picking up a writing implement not only uniquely identifies the signatory but also provides both intent and consent to agreement. As a business’ signature requirements evolve, the flexibility to choose any signature method is always available to them using Syngrafii. The MasterFile™ Audit Trail ensures best in class compliance and non-repudiation for all signings that take place within the solution.

Real Estate Law Firm

Problem: This firm has clients in various locations covering a large geographic area. Their authorized agents would visit clients to sign documents and would then have to travel back to their respective offices to scan in the signed documents and upload them into their document management system. Sometimes the agents would have 2 to 3 customer signings a day and could not upload the document until the end of the day, therefore delaying the ability for the law firm to process the deals in a timely manner. The consumption of paper was also very high.

Solution: Real estate transactions in this Law Firm are now conducted using Syngrafii eSIGNATURE™. The agents travel to a customer’s preferred location to sign digital documents using a mobile tablet thus reducing client inconvenience and saving tens of thousands of sheets of paper a month. As soon as the digital document is signed with the client on the tablet, it is sent through the Syngrafii API and is uploaded into the Law Firm’s document management system for immediate processing with no time wasted while the agent visits another client. This law firm also uses the Syngrafii LongPen™ to sign paper documents where signatures are needed from remote signers in various dispersed geographical locations or in the case a signature was missed in documentation that was already submitted. This client is also anticipating using the Syngrafii ‘Video Closing Room™’ technology to host and conduct remote meetings that will be recorded and retained for compliance and non-repudiation purposes. This significantly enhances an Agent’s productivity along with the timely processing of all associated documents.

Governmental Organization

Problem: This governmental entity is required to sign legislature and laws by ministers who may be in remote areas to where the paperwork exists. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the documents being signed, private commercial document couriers are not permitted, so that means that a government employee would have to visit a minister’s remote location (sometimes by commercial airline) to have them apply their authorizing signature. Large logistical costs and staff time investment required them to find a more efficient and effective solution.

Solution: Wet Ink signatures on paper documents were a requirement, therefore the Syngrafii LongPen ™ application was implemented. Ministers log in using their tablet devices and are briefed over the phone on the document(s) being signed. Individually and in turn, each minister affixes their signature via the LongPen™ from their tablet, which signs the document with their wet ink signature remotely. The document gets fully signed without ever leaving the secure government location and without incurring staff travel costs.

Auto Leasing Company

Problem: This auto leasing and financing company needs to secure signatures on paperwork for their clients who are dispersed all over Toronto and its surrounding cities. Clients would either have to travel to their office to sign the documents or an authorized agent would meet the clients at their preferred location. Scheduling conflicts, delays in processing paperwork meant that some deals were lost.

Solution: The solution enables this company using Syngrafii’s eSIGNATURE™ that would permit them to host online meetings with their remote clients using the Live Session™ feature. Agents meet their clients online and walk them through the documentation requiring signatures. The agent hosts a signing session inside eSIGNATURE™ and navigates through the document and sends a link to the remote client’s mobile device for them to embed their signatures into the document. Further identification is attached with a copy (photograph) of either a Driver’s License of Passport ID to the document. This allows for the immediate processing of the deal. In addition to remote signings, the eSIGNATURE solution is also used for in-person signings when a client walks into their offices. Due to the high-risk nature of some of the financing deals secured, having the MasterFile™ Audit Trail for complete compliance and non-repudiation of all transactions was a must.

Global Shipping, Storage and Real Estate Company

Problem: Headquartered out of Hong Kong, with a major hub in the EU, this company has 260 offices in 54 countries worldwide. The directors reside in different parts of the world and therefore incurred significant travel and courier costs for signings of key time sensitive employment and corporate documents. The average office spends more than $2,000 per month on courier costs.

Solution: A network of LongPens™ was established in key geographic locations enabling physical signature completion by the geographically dispersed group of signing officers allowing them to transact multinational business deals. Beyond the enormous cash savings on couriers has been the impact of never missing a business opportunity deadline. This has enhanced their global reputation and provided significant and measurable “Green” benefits. They also use eSIGNATURE™ for electronic document sign-off of both physical and digital record keeping storage. The benefits of having a digital record of every transaction has greatly reduced their Compliance Risk and enhanced their Corporate Governance. The LongPen™ provides a digital record of physical documents.

Credit Union

Problem: A mid-sized credit union launched remote “branches of the future”. While a conversation between a bank client and a subject matter expert in a call centre was possible through video conferencing, documents could not be signed and had to be signed in branch and then couriered to the processing centre.

Solution: This client deployed the Syngrafii LongPen™ that enables a call centre agent to have a conversation with a remote client over video conferencing. When signatures are required, a link is sent to a tablet that is at the remote branch, and the agent places the documents under the LongPen™ at the call centre. The remote client then signs off on the paperwork in order to facilitate the immediate processing of the document

High-net-worth Individual

Problem: This high-net-worth individual travels consistently while operating her own company, being a shareholder in several others and a board member of various organizations. The need to sign cheques and documents while travelling was a use case that came up very frequently. Travel schedules often delayed the signing of these items.

Solution: Syngrafii’s LongPen™ is used by this individual to sign cheques remotely, and important paperwork that comes across her desk is signed electronically using the eSIGNATURE™ solution. Her staff do not need to courier documents to her anymore or have to wait a considerable amount of time until she has completed her travel.

Private Investment Firm

Problem: This firm offers their clients high value investments and equity securities in companies in various industries. The investors who are often geographically dispersed need to sign lending documents with most of these documents being time sensitive. In many cases, deals were lost because an investor was travelling or unable to print, sign and send the documents in a timely manner. Given the nature of the documents, basic e-signatures were often not allowed and only ink signatures in the electronic document were acceptable.

Solution: Syngrafii eSIGNATURE™ streamlines the signing of digital documents with an ink signature. As soon as a deal is ready, the firm will send documents immediately to their investors for signature execution in a timely manner. The documents are sent either In Counterparts or Sequentially to several signers as required. The document managers at the firm only allow ink signatures via the document properties so that the signers must use the ink signature option to sign using eSIGNATURE™.

Ruler’s Representative Court

Problem: This government entity needs to sign cheques and other legal documents in wet ink from frequent travelers not always in the country. The signing of time sensitive documents and cheques were getting delayed due to travel and other scheduling conflicts.

Solution: The Syngrafii LongPen™ has been deployed so that the signers who are travelling will sign a cheque or any document without delay as soon as the administrative staff have prepared the paperwork.

Online Mortgage Broker

Problem: By nature of their marketing, this company has a website that assists their prospective client progress through a series of questions depending on the type of mortgage required. At the end of the application process, the prospective client must sign off on the details that they have provided. As a follow up, additional documentation such as release forms for credit checks and eventually the mortgage application itself need to be signed. The need for complete compliance and non-repudiation with potential high-risk clients meant that this organization needed to select an advanced signature solution for not only the ease of signing but with a superior compliance audit trail.

Solution: Syngrafii’s eSIGNATURE™ has been deployed in multiple ways. Through the API integration, at the end of an application form, the company was able to have a legal waiver document presented and embedded on their website with all the collected data so that the potential client could easily sign off on the information provided. As a follow up process, agents of this organization then send additional eSIGNATURE™ documents directly to the customer to be signed in a compliant manner.

Online Financial Service Provider

Problem: An online service provider was looking for a way to remotely on board their clients. Not having a traditional branch location where clients could physically visit, they needed to establish an online method to enroll new clients but to ensure complete compliance and identity certainty.

Solution: Syngrafii’s eSIGNATURE™ solution allows this provider to remotely accept multiple forms of identification inside a remote signing session. The ability to have geo location, IP Address, device and unique signatures tied to a remote signer’s audit trail was important in order to meet this organization’s internal and legal requirements.

Remote Celebrity-Fan Interactions

Problem: Celebrities such as Authors are always travelling to promote new books and to meet their fans. The demands of such tours could have a negative effect on the celebrity’s productivity, security and overall wellbeing. Continuous budget cuts in several industries also mean that only a few select areas can be visited, thus leaving fans around the world without the opportunity to meet their idols.

Solution: In conjunction with Video Conferencing, the LongPen™ is used by the celebrity to have a conversation with their remote fans and to then sign a personalized message on the book or other memento at the fan’s location, for example in a bookstore where the LongPen™ is present. The celebrity therefore has a much larger geographical reach to interact with their fans in various locations around the world without having to travel.

Property and Business Insurance Company

Problem: Property and business insurance providers are looking to improve process efficiencies in presenting applications and onboarding clients, presenting and completing policy changes, claims capture, and policy termination. With a mix of in-house staff, outside salespeople, and independent brokers & agents, insurers need a flexible solution meeting stringent governance and compliance regulations regarding identity certainty

Solution: Syngrafii’s eSIGNATURE™ and LongPen™ solutions allow property and business insurers to remotely present applications, policy changes, claims and policy terminations with multiple forms of identification, all inside a remote signing session that includes the client’s wet ink signature. The ability to have geo location, IP Address, device and unique signatures tied to a remote signer’s audit trail is important in order to meet insurers’ internal and legal requirements.

Legal Firm

Problem: This legal firm was searching for ways to move to a more paperless operating environment, ratchet up tangible value to their customer base and attract new clientele through service differentiation. The firm is known for its ability to understand how to mine legal results through its knowledge and experience of business operations and employment of cutting-edge, high-tech solutions and so was not averse to aggressively adopting new technology to benefit its’ operations. The firm also wanted to both maintain and increase its’ competitive edge within the legal community.

Solution: The legal firm employed Syngrafii “Sequential” and “Live Session” remote signature capability. Clients immediately realized the benefit of not having to physically be onsite at the legal firm. Plaintiff’s Claims, Defence documents, Motions, Consents, Contracts to name a few, were signed remotely. The documents would be drafted in Word and saved to .PDF then, for example, cued up for a “Live Session” where multiple stakeholders in one or more locations, either domestically or internationally, reviewed, edited, signed, initialized, notarized and saved each document along with its all-important supporting meta-data. This meta-data allows for each document to be non-repudiated in court. Clients are saving enormous amounts of time and money by being able to remotely sign court forms, corporate contracts, retainer agreements, etc. The move to adopt Syngrafii has also significantly decreased what was once a paper-intensive operation (i.e., dramatically reduced carbon footprint) by 75 percent.