Our solutions map to multiple workflows, user requirements and legal restrictions

In the race for digital transformation, there is no reason to compromise on signing security — when you have a time-tested solution that is secure, efficient and compliant.

Our solutions map to multiple workflows, user requirements and legal restrictions


  • Banking, FinTech, Insurance and Capital Markets

  • Aerospace, Automotive and Defense

  • Professional Services, Legal and Accounting

  • Travel and Transportation

  • Public Sector / Government

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers

  • Celebrity Fan Interactions

  • Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Education and Publishing

  • M&A Deal Room

  • Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities

  • Client Servicing and Client Acquisition

  • Electronics, Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment

  • Sales

Case Studies

Corporate Business

Real Estate Law Firm


This firm has clients in various locations covering a large geographic area. Their authorized agents would visit clients to sign documents and would then have to travel back to their respective offices to scan in the signed documents and upload them into their document management system. Sometimes the agents would have 2 to 3 customer signings a day and could not upload the document until the end of the day, therefore delaying the ability for the law firm to process the deals in a timely manner. The consumption of paper was also very high.


Real estate transactions in this Law Firm are now conducted using Syngrafii eSIGNATURE™. The agents travel to a customer’s preferred location to sign digital documents using a mobile tablet thus reducing client inconvenience and saving tens of thousands of sheets of paper a month. As soon as the digital document is signed with the client on the tablet, it is sent through the Syngrafii API and is uploaded into the Law Firm’s document management system for immediate processing with no time wasted while the agent visits another client. This law firm also uses the Syngrafii LongPen™ to sign paper documents where signatures are needed from remote signers in various dispersed geographical locations or in the case a signature was missed in documentation that was already submitted. This client is also anticipating using the Syngrafii ‘Video Closing Room™’ technology to host and conduct remote meetings that will be recorded and retained for compliance and non-repudiation purposes. This significantly enhances an Agent’s productivity along with the timely processing of all associated documents.

Governmental Organization

Auto Leasing Company

Global Shipping, Storage and Real Estate Company

Credit Union

High-Net-Worth Individual

Private Investment Firm

Ruler’s Representative Court

Online Mortgage Broker

Online Financial Service Provider

Remote Celebrity-Fan Interactions

Property and Business Insurance Company

Legal Firm