E-Signature transactions via video conference

A meaningful, convenient and virtual way to do face-to-face business with your clients

You know you need an efficient, compliant, cost saving way to meet virtually with your clients and conduct mortgage transactions. Enter iinked Video Signing Room™ (VSR) and iinked Sign™ by remote signature pioneer, Syngrafii.

Lender E-Signature Signing

The iinked platform by Syngrafii provides lenders the speed, safety and security of executing mortgage and other debt instruments with a higher level of customer service, acquisition rates with better compliance, and convenience that even a face-to-face meeting does not achieve.

  • Meet clients face to face with ease in a secured virtual environment.

  • Review and sign documents simultaneously through videoconference.

  • No need for special apps, printers, or scanners.

  • Option to record the full videoconference conversation and transaction.

  • Store and file video recordings along with a best-in-class audit trail that ensures absolute non-repudiation for future reference and proof of compliance.

  • When required collect borrowers ID

  • Biometrics and MasterFile offer the lender better protection than current alternatives

Test it out for yourself.


Our unique Pay As You Sign™ (PAYS™) model means you only pay for transactions you complete.

Small teams (up to eight people) pay a monthly fee of $3.00 for the entire team. You then only pay $2.40, or less, for a full signature package.

For a complete one-to-one recorded video signing session, about 30-minutes in length, the price would be approximately $0.20 per minute. No pre-purchase of signature packages or costly seat licenses are required.

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