Syngrafii Unveils New iinked Sign Features for Canadian Real Estate Closings

by Syngrafii – June 7, 2024

New “Global Auto Templates” capabilities provide REALTORS® across Canada with enhanced customization, efficiency, and compliance throughout the real estate transaction lifecycle.


TORONTO June 7, 2024 — Syngrafii, developers of the eSignature platform featuring iinked Sign™, VSR™ (Video Signing Room), and when required the LongPen hardware for remote pen-to-paper signatures, today announced an important release update — the integration of Global Auto Templates into its platform.

The new templating feature allows REALTORS® in Canada to efficiently process forms, clauses, kits, and templates using CREA WEBForms® — the complete end-to-end document and workflow management solution.

Global Auto Templates — pre-templated documents for province-specific Canadian real estate documents and forms — enables REALTORS® to effortlessly create compliant closings either through CREA WEBForms® or user generated forms, with signer groups and fields automatically populated, reducing the need for manual data entry.

Matthew Gibson, CEO of Syngrafii said: “We’re extremely pleased to launch this latest set of functions into iinked Sign. The CREA integration provides Canada’s 160,000 real estate professionals with a more fully integrated workflow and seamless agreement execution experience for preparing, sending, and signing buy/sell agreements  from within the CREA WEBForms® platform.”

REALTORS® can link with CREA WEBForms® and sign purchase agreements using iinked Sign™ or VSR™ {Video Signing Room) for enhanced efficiency, compliance, and customer experience, without the need for special apps, printers, or scanners.

Unique among eSignature platforms, iinked Sign users can select iink it™ or Write to Sign™ mode for better compliance requirements of individual documents, with the added non-repudiation benefit of the MasterFile™ or audit trail.This tracks the parties to the signing package’s details and can include as an option iinked Identity™ Verification (IDV) and other information such as document entries and deletions, access history, and other data for the ultimate comfort in contract integrity and non-repudiation.

Learn more about linking and signing using iinked Sign™ from CREA WEBForms® and how to enable Auto Templates for REALTORS®.


About Syngrafii

Syngrafii provides a suite of next-generation eSignature tools on iinked Sign™ software that delivers the confidence and security of ink and paper into e-signatures.  Syngrafii's patented iinked Sign™ and video signing technology for e-signatures connect a world where people, enterprises, and government can execute electronic signatures with a higher level of compliance and non-repudiation.

Syngrafii has over 45 granted and pending applications for its e-Signature iinked Sign™, Video Signing Room™, iinked Seal™, and robotic LongPen®. technologies. The patented Syngrafii VSR™ all-in-one electronic signing solution enables compliant signing, witnessing, notarization, and secure storage of documents in a live integrated video-conferencing session that accommodates multiple document signers. Iinked Sign™ and VSR™ preserve the biometric protection and identity certainty of a traditional signature, mitigate the risk of fraudulent behaviour, provide enhanced consumer protection, and support businesses’ increased technology needs for remote collaboration.

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