Identity Verification Tools to Support your KYC Needs.

Identity Verification Tools to Support your KYC Needs.

iinked Identity Verification is a simple, cost effective and secure service used to verify the identity of any individual in a few easy steps.

What is Identity Verification (IDV)?

The service verifies the authenticity of the participants government issued identity documents and validates the identity of the participants in a signing.

iinked IDV™ quickly and seamlessly verifies the identity documents of participants electronically to meet your firms Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory requirements. iinked Sign™, Video Signing Room™ as well as Face-to-Face transactions conducted on the iinked platform provide a highly secure, fully integrated workflow with a best in class compliance audit trail.

Identity Verification Tools to Support your KYC Needs.

Best-in-Class Third Party IDV/KYC Tools for Identity Certainty

  • Augment the Power of Biometrics and best-in-class compliance audit trail records

  • High degree of non-repudiation

  • Credential analysis of government documents

  • Identity proofing via data checks

  • Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Watch lists

  • Document analysis metadata captured in the audit trail

  • Reduce professional liability

  • Greater consumer protection, Mitigate fraud

See iinked IDV™ in Action

Available IDV Methods


Document ID & Credential Assessment

Document ID requires the signer to provide a selfie, and capture photos of their identification to help verify their identity. The signer will be guided through the process of capturing and uploading a selfie &  one piece of identity documentation such as a driver’s license, passport, or residency card to capture to submit. The verification of ID from Canada only is available at this stage.  New countries will be added soon with additional functionality. 


Identity ID & Identity Proofing (Coming Soon)

Identity ID requires the signer to provide personal information to help verify their identity. The signer will be prompted to fill out a list of fields including their full legal name, date of birth & address. The personal information submitted will be analyzed against various data sources for authenticity. (US Only)



  • iinked IDV™ is now available in Canada through integration with a Diacc approved provider, soon to be rolled out globally using a third party tool for Enhanced Credit Check, Credential Analysis, AML, and Watch List checks.

  • iinked IDV™, through its partners, will be offering Dynamic Knowledge Based Assessment for the United States.

  • iinked IDV™ is being offered via a consumption-based per-transaction fee consistent with Syngrafii’s Pay-As-You Sign for iinked Sign™.

  • Each verification check will be available and priced on a per-item basis. This permits you the ability to choose the identity-proofing measures you feel are right for your business and your own regulatory environment.