Original Wet Ink Signatures on Paper Documents


The LongPen is a patented device with an HTML5 web based signing solution

The LongPen has a pen that applies the remote wet ink signature

Original wet ink signatures ensure legal, regulatory & internal compliance adherence

Each signature is a unique, biometrically accurate one-time use signature

The document operator manages paper based documents on behalf of the remote signer

The document camera captures live images of the document so that the remote signer can see the document on their signing device

All transaction metadata including before and after snapshots of the signed paper document is captured in the MasterFile audit trail

Add recorded video sessions of a transaction to the MasterFile

Syngrafii`s LongPen™ executes your one-time-use physical signature onto hard copy documents using any mobile or tablet device. In real-time a hard copy document is placed on the LongPen™ that enables single or multiple signers to apply their one-time use, biometrically accurate signature with a pen on any type of document.

The LongPen™ executes your biometric signature with the same speed, cadence and pressure onto any hard copy document. This executed document is an original that can be reviewed by forensic document examiners to confirm identity and originality for the purpose of nonrepudiation.

This Patented Solution is further securitized by the Syngrafii Transactional MasterFile™ – a proprietary non-repudiation engine that provides organizations with a complete transaction history along with evidence of the identity, execution and intent of the signer to the transaction while delivering critical meta-data for business analysis and optimization.

MasterFile™ captures before and after images of the document(s) being executed and stores the file on either a local or cloud server. Authorized users can access the stored transaction records in a secure web portal. Deployed into a Contact Center Solution, MasterFile™ can be integrated with video and/or audio recording solutions allowing organizations to keep a record of the discussion & transaction execution in one file.

A unique QR Code is created for each required and authorized signing participant to validate access to the final document with agreement and intent of the transaction. This ensures that the signer receives a copy of the executed document.

An example of just some of the data sources collected by MasterFile™ include: mobile phone number, audio/video feeds, GPS coordinates of the signer, details of the interacting party, the date/start/end time and page dwell time.

  • Market Differentiator: The only Signature solution worldwide that enables users to remotely execute an original one-time use, biometrically accurate signature onto paper, while supporting an organization’s security, compliance and workflow requirements.
  • Syngrafii enables our customers to securely and instantly finalize Wet Ink paper based transactions by one or more parties using any digital device from anywhere worldwide, removing the delays & barriers associated with in-person paper based transactions.
  • Deliver your One-Time-Use “Wet Ink” signature onto paper with the Syngrafii LongPen™ solution
  • Executes your signature biometrics onto paper (capturing speed, cadence and pressure), allowing forensic document examiners to validate your signature for nonrepudiation purposes

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