The pioneering solution for remotely signing paper documents

The pioneering solution for remotely signing paper documents

Unique to the iinked platform, LongPen™ is a patented robotic apparatus that allows users to remotely sign hard-copy documents with wet-ink signatures, in real time, using any web-enabled mobile or tablet device.

Powered by Syngrafii’s proprietary technology, the device replicates your signature biometrics, capturing the speed, cadence and pressure for forensic validation and nonrepudiation purposes.

Signatures are further securitized by the MasterFile,™ a repository of the complete transaction history for each executed signature, along with evidence of the identity, execution and intent of the signer to the transaction, including before and after images of the document(s) executed. In addition, a unique QR Code is created for authorized signing participants to validate access to the final document.

The pioneering solution for remotely signing paper documents

Remove the delays and barriers associated with in-person transactions while satisfying even the most stringent legal, compliance and governance requirements

  • Web-based platform for biometrically accurate signing – no downloads

  • Document operator manages paper-based documents on behalf of the remote signer

  • Document camera captures live images of the document so that the remote signer can see the exact document on their signing device

  • All transaction metadata including before and after snapshots of the signed paper document is captured in the MasterFile audit trail