This feature allows users in Syngrafii to insert and sign within their digital Notary, Commissioner or other Seals into documents within a VSR™ Session.

Iinked Seal allows users of the Syngrafii platform to complete Remote On-Line Notarization. It can be used for all forms of documents and deployed for all types of use cases such as digital Notarization, Oaths, and Commissioner Statement or when other Seals are required on documents or transactions where electronic seals are accepted.

iinked Seal is part of the Syngrafii platform and upon the strength of iinked Sign, Video Signing Room and is tracked as part of Syngrafii’s proprietary tracking contained in the Masterfile used to audit e-signatures, video signings and now the attachments of iinked Seal.

iinked Seal

  • Digital Notary

  • Commissioner Statement

  • Oaths

  • Masterfile audit of iinked Seals