The same user experience as an in-person inked signature transaction – just more secure

The same user experience as an in-person inked signature transaction – just more secure

The patented HTML5 Syngrafii signing technology that powers iinked Sign™ enables you to send a secure link that instantly transforms virtually any web-enabled device – mobile phone, tablet or desktop – into a signature pad.

Because every signature is executed at the point of transaction and can only be used once, the electronic signature retains the unique biometric identifiers – like speed, cadence and pressure – that make traditional signatures legally binding affirmations of identity. Users can freely annotate any part of the document as if they were signing a document with a pen. All annotations are tracked to keep a secure audit trail of the document transaction history. Photo identification (such as driver’s license, identity card and passport page) can be embedded for further identity validation as required. Once complete, the digital document is immediately delivered to all participants in the signing session.

Simplify your workflow with a solution that connects across all digital environments – and meets increasing compliance requirements

  • Web-based platform – no downloads

  • Easily insert additional identification documents, such as passports

  • Freely annotate or highlight any part of the document

  • Initial changes made during a live signing session

  • Effortlessly accommodate multiple signers and locations

  • Control the document flow and types of signatures allowed in a document

  • Track signing progress

  • Keep your current approved workflows or create Compliance Templates -- no document preprocessing required

  • Integrate into existing document management systems with our extensive API

  • Create documents directly in Microsoft Word with our MS Word extension

  • Access MasterFile audit trail any time