Transaction Compliance Server™

Transaction Compliance Server™

On Premise or Cloud Server With MasterFile™ Audit Trail

Transaction Compliance Server™

Cloud hosted or on premise server application

Repository of all signing sessions

Create, template and manage signing workflows

Maintains a document history of all signed documents

View and track progress of document signings

Issue reminders to signers that have not signed

Access to the MasterFile Audit Trail for tracking and non repudiation purposes

Date and time stamps of when a document was signed

IP Address, device used and geo location information of each signer

Document access history and detailed notification history of all the messages sent from the system to the signers (including read receipts)

Detailed signing log of each signer including how long the signer spent on each page and signatures and identification images added

MasterFile™ Audit Trail

Syngrafii’s MasterFile™ Audit Trail is a proprietary non-repudiation engine that provides organizations with a complete transaction history along with evidence of the identity, execution and intent of the signatory to the transaction while delivering critical data for business optimization.

MasterFile™ captures before and after images of the document(s) being executed and stores the file on a local or cloud server. Authorized users can access the stored transaction records in a secure web portal. Deployed into a Contact Center Solution, MasterFile™ can be integrated with video and/or audio recording solutions allowing organizations to keep a record of the discussion & transaction execution in one file.

A few of the data sources collected by MasterFile™ include: audio/video feeds, GPS coordinates of the signer, details of the interacting party, the date/start/end time and page dwell time.