Sign, talk, validate and track documents in a live video-signing session

Sign, talk, validate and track documents in a live video-signing session

The Video Signing Room™ (VSR™) on the iinked platform is an all-in-one electronic VideoSign solution that allows you to safely sign and witness documents in a live video-conferencing session.

Powered by the patented Syngrafii signing technology, iinked VSR™ not only replicates the biometric protection of a traditional signature – it also significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent behaviour, provides enhanced consumer protection and facilitates remote client acquisition – all while saving you time and money.

With nonrepudiation built into every step, VSR is also the only remote signing solution that is fully compliant with remote swearing, commissioning, and notarizing.


In a virtual world, VSR delivers the assurance of face-to-face communication with the added protection of VideoSign records

  • Host and schedule signing sessions

  • Web-enabled video conferencing from any modern browser — no downloads required

  • Host retains complete control of each document

  • Easily insert additional identification documents, such as passports

  • Chat window enables live text communication

  • Instantly receive multiple remotely signed documents

  • Join and view the document on one device and send signatures from another

  • Track signing progress

  • Keep your current approved workflows or create Compliance Templates – no document preprocessing required

  • Integrate into existing document management systems with our extensive API

  • Create documents directly in Microsoft Word with our MS Word extension

  • Access MasterFile audit trail any time